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Sustainable Production

Being sustainable means trash can be turned into reusable resources. Sustainability, being one of Feliz’s major concerns, goes hand in hand with the functionality of a product.

Eco-friendly materials such as Recycled Leather, Recycled Polyester and Organic Fabric are widely used in the production process.

Apart from creating and consuming, Feliz aims to take an active and leading role in the industry to save the natural resources and be resource-efficient in the production process. 

 Recycled Leather
  • Recycle leftovers of real leather from the industry
  • Uses 90% less water
  • 80% lower carbon footprint
  • 50% recycled leather fiber
  • 40% lighter than leather
  • 2x more durable
 Recycled Polyester
  • Green rePET – A recycled and waterproof polyester fabric made of 100% post-consuming PET beverage bottles. Durable, Safe and Eco-Friendly.
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 Organic Fabric
  • Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, Organic Jute, Organic Wool, Organic Silk

  • Corn Fabric, Lotus Fabric, Rose Petal Fabric, Banana Fabric, Eucalyptus Fabric, Aloe

  • 100% Milk Fabric, Soyabean Protein, Bamboo Fabric, Sugar cane Fabric

  • GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard

  • Organic Blended Content Standard

  • Organic 100 Content Standard

  • BCI, Better Cotton Initiative

  • Fair Trade

  • OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, Test for Harmful Substances

 Handloom Fabric
  • All made in India

  • 100% natural yarns

  • Herbal dye / Organic dye

  • Fair Trade

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