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Sustainable Future

About Feliz

Feliz was founded in 2014 collaborated by fellow Hong Kong designers, aiming to  establish a genuine Hong Kong brand for family and youngsters. The word ‘Feliz’ was originated from Spanish, meaning ‘Smile’ in English. This matches perfectly with our brand vision- injecting happiness; fun and a pinch of humor into daily life via our dedicated products, hoping our products can foster the connection between individuals. Feliz offers a wide range of products such as tote bag, student backpack and other leisure accessories.

Fun to play with, user-friendly and not settling for less, Feliz aims to deliver love and happiness to everyone. Our design cares for the sustainability of the nature as well as the functionality of the products.


Moreover, corporate social responsibility is essential to Feliz. We embrace with a proactive approach in hazard-free production with the adoption of international standardized eco-friendly materials and strictly control the carbon emission. 

 Playing is always Funnn !!! 

Tropical Leaves





What We Do

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